Sep 4. 2019      Welcome to Alexis, that joined us for a rotation!

Aug 16. 2019     Welcome to our new PhD student, Su Wang!

July 26. 2019     Welcome to our new lab manager Chelsea and goodbye Josh.

May 1. 2019        Welcome to our first postdoc, Ines Sotelo!

Dec 10. 2018      James joins the lab as a research technician. Welcome.

Oct 1. 2018 Gaurav and Subarna join the lab. Welcome.

Sep 15. 2018 Joint Eban-Rothschild and Rothschild labs Fall barbeque.

Sep 10. 2018      Kenny and Sohini join the lab. Welcome!


Aug 22. 2018       Ada receives the Eisenberg Translational Research award from UM
Depression center!

Aug 7. 2018          Ada receives the NARSAD Young Investigator award!

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 22.53.46.png

June 23. 2018        Ada's co-author paper is published in Nature neuroscience.

June 11. 2018         Jake joins the lab as a research technician. Welcome!

June 6. 2018          Leah joins the lab for a summer internship. Welcome!

June 1. 2018           Sebastian and Jean join the lab. Welcome!

Feb 15. 2018           Ada is named 2018 Sloan Research Fellow in Neuroscience!


Jan 1. 2017            Sarah joins the lab. Welcome!

Nov 15. 2017         Ada is awarded the UM Neuroscience Scholar Award!

Nov 5. 2017          Josh joins the lab as a lab manager. Welcome!

Sep 1. 2017           The Eban-Rothschild lab is open!